Theme "Little-May" Release

I'm glad to announce the release of my very first theme "Little-May". You can choose it from two different versions : Pink and Grey. Due to a number of complaints from reviewers, I have added grey version to suit male users.

Little Mayvelous Things Regesign 27Dec05littlemay-grey Theme

These themes are released under creative common license share alike. You can use in any non commercial sites. Please link back to me or give proper credit for your usage.


Little-May (Pink) Little-May (Grey)
Download Little-May Pink Download Little-May Grey


  1. Unzip the content of the downloaded zip file and read the “Readme.txt” file,
  2. Login to your Blogger account and go to “Template” tab,
  3. Copy and backup your current template contents to some text file,
  4. Open “Little-May.txt” and copy the contents to blogger “Template”area.
  5. Click “Save Template Changes” button then “Publish” to update your blog with “Little-May” theme.

Thank you.

Edited: # Adding Linking to the template

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Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License.


Anonymous said...

The templates are purely DIVINE! For he last couple of days I`ve been googleing to find a really good piece of work and yours is simply outstanding! I wanted to use your green template (I will credit of course!) for my blog (I just moved to blogger as I had some bad experiences with another blogging host) but there IS a problem however. I have worked with codes before but I never used a template where the links (and other stuff) are on a different page. How do I insert the links in this case? Can you please show me where exactley should I paste the codes? And how does the gallery work? I`m really sorry for bothering you, it`s just thatI was so happy to find such an exquisite line of work and I`m in such a rage I can`t figure this out! :) Thank you in advance! Please, MORE! :)

Mayvelous said...

Hi Christina, thanks for your kind comment. Please see the reply to your questions in this post "RE: Adding Links" cos' the comment system does not allow many html tags.
Hope it helps. :)

beatiful girl said...

HEy mayvelous gurl!!

its beautiful girl a.k.a katelin u posted a comment on my blog! and by the way your blog layout is awesome!! xox

ಸುಸಂಕೃತ said...

You have done a marvellous job in designing this template.Keep up the good work.

Im using your template "Little May- Green"..but still facing some issues with the layout..looks like I have an issue with one of my postings...

Anyways many thanks ...


Anonymous said...

thank you, great work!

aziz said...

hai there, i'm very impressed with the template, beauty as the webhost =), can i ask some favour. how can i create my own template. i dont really know about xml, i just know about html and javascript.

Simple Tricks said...

nice blog.. and nice template...
need suggestion on my blog Simple Tricks