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Every site should have some form of contact information right? With blogger I couldn't have proper contact form.
So I'm making use of this page for my contact info which will be link from the top navigation tab for easy accessing.

Incase if you wish to contact me, my info as follow:

  • Email:
    mayvelous email
  • Gtalk IM: mayvelous
  • Yahoo IM: mayvelous

You can contact me for any reason regarding my site or whatever but please do not spam my inbox with junks. :)
Thanks for visiting and will reply you as best I could.

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Little Mayvelous Things Redesign

Little mayvelous things redesignI've been trying to use my own design for my blog templates and finally I've done it.
Will write the content properly but rite now is just testing. Freaking style sheet not working properly. It's doing fine locally and now how that stupid space showing up in between!!!!!!!
DO IGNORE ME PLZ. I'm testing the post page.

Little Mayvelous Things Regesign 27Dec05Just removed that ugly blogger navigation bar from the top and readjust the layout. I thought I might like 3 column layout but then it's giving me too much pain with floating and margins and padding so I gave up and stick with 2 columns. I've increased the width of main+sidebar column. More space for posting i guess.

I'm still trying to figure out what cause the top space under the black bar. If any of you know how to solve that plz plz do let me know.

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The Shavior: A year long Charity Event

Is that from the back or front? First I thought it's back view and then gosh no!
Red beards! I wonder how he eat/drink...I bet he eats his own beard from time to time.

Red Beard

Need abit of donation...hmm

Via: Komodomedia
Link: The Shavior

Texas + Last Name Only


At the urging of his doctor, Bill moved to Texas.

After settling in, he met a neighbor who was also an older man.

"Say, is this really a healthy place?"

"It sure is," the man replied.

"When I first arrived here I couldn't say one word. I had hardly any hair on my head. I didn't have the strength to walk across a room and I had to be lifted out of bed."

"That's wonderful!" said Bill. "How long have you been here?"

"I was born here."

Last Name Only

The manager of a large office noticed one of his department heads had hired a new man, so the boss called him into his office for a little orientation speech. "What is your name?" he asked.

"John," the new guy replied.

The manager scowled, "Look, I don't know what kind of place you worked at before, but I don't call anyone by their first name. It breeds familiarity and that leads to a breakdown in authority. I refer to my employees by their last names only - Smith, Jones, Baker - that's all. I am to be referred to only as Mr. Robertson. Now that we got that straight, what is your last name?"

The new guy sighed and said, "Darling. John Darling."

"Okay, John, the next thing I want to tell you is..."

Roof Leak

Mr. Kramer had a leak in the roof over his dining room, so he called a repairman to take a look at it. "When did you first notice the leak?" the repairman inquired.

Mr. Kramer scowled. "Last night, when it took me two hours to finish my soup!"

Divert Your Course

This is the actual radio conversation of a US naval ship with Canadian authorities off the coast of Newfoundland in October 1995. Radio conversation released by the chief of naval operations 10-10-95.

CANADIANS: Please divert your course 15 degrees to the south to avoid a collision.

AMERICANS: Recomment you divert your course 15 degrees to the north to avoid a collision.

CANADIANS: Negative. You will have to divert your course 15 degrees to the south to avoid a collision.

AMERICANS: This is the captain of a US Navy ship. I say again, diver YOUR course.

CANADIANS: No, I say again, you divert YOUR course.

AMERICANS: This is the Aircraft Carrier US LINCOLN, the second largest ship in the United States Atlantic Fleet. We are accompanied with three Destroyers, three Cruisers and numerous support vessels. I DEMEND that you change your course 15 degrees north. I say again, that's one-five degrees north, or counter-measures will be undertaken to ensure the safety of this ship.

CANADIANS: This is a lighthouse. Your call.

Step by step drawing

Believe me, this is just so cool! It might take you 1-2min and the artist is really good.
Started with skeleton structure, then changed to lady shape, then a lady with bikini, then a stripper and finally this cool image.
Really great sketches!

Step by step drawing

Wish I could draw like that.
Watch the whole movie here.