Little Mayvelous Things Redesign

Little mayvelous things redesignI've been trying to use my own design for my blog templates and finally I've done it.
Will write the content properly but rite now is just testing. Freaking style sheet not working properly. It's doing fine locally and now how that stupid space showing up in between!!!!!!!
DO IGNORE ME PLZ. I'm testing the post page.

Little Mayvelous Things Regesign 27Dec05Just removed that ugly blogger navigation bar from the top and readjust the layout. I thought I might like 3 column layout but then it's giving me too much pain with floating and margins and padding so I gave up and stick with 2 columns. I've increased the width of main+sidebar column. More space for posting i guess.

I'm still trying to figure out what cause the top space under the black bar. If any of you know how to solve that plz plz do let me know.

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GirlPaint said...

Please share with me how you created your template...I love it! I want to personalize the look of my blog, too, but don't exactly know where to start. Help!

Mayvelous said...

Hello GirlPaint, thanks for the comment. B4 i use tictac default blogger template and this is my first blogger design based from tictac css tag names. I just play around with the style sheet properties and well ofcos the bullets and images too to get this design.
I'm planning to release as blogger template once I've done cleaning out messy style tags. As u see, i also need to fix the top spacing thing. Once i'm satisfy with it, i'll pass along the template sheet.
So plz keep checking. :)


Chan Soe Win said...

Great Design May(velous).
I like it. Except for one thing.
Flower on the right bottom corner looks pretty mechanical.
Could it be a more natural one?

Mayvelous said...

Thanks bro for liking it. :D
I thought guys doesn't like pink.
Oh ofcos I can change that flower. It's a candy flower and thought it's kinda cute so I used that one.
Actually I'm planning to change both background image and feature image from time to time. So those are not gonna be same forever :D

Any help css bro? the top space still bugging me. :(

Myouez said...

wow, cool layout. i like top menu. but i found 2 problems on my screen.
one. my browser default bg color is not white. so if u didn't define bg as white.......u know...
ur bg images with gradient color are supposed to end up with white bg. aren't they?

two: on 800x600, sidebar drops to bottom. to overcome this problem, put the whole thing inside a div with width defined (let's say 850px).

Myouez said...

tolimotsa. :D ha ha. I like that :D

Mayvelous said...

Hey bro,
Thanks, good points, i missed those.
I just added bg color and for diff resolution still trying :D

Chan Soe Win said...

Hi May,

Could you pass me the template, StyleSheet?
I remember I've got the similar problem before but I don't remember how I solved it.
Let me try. At least I could recall my CSS things.