Interestingness Around Blogosphere - 18April06

Well, this is nothing special but I usually email these to my friends once a week or so.

I thought I might post here as well just to share some interesting stuffs I found or read through blogosphere.

It's mainly photos or short news or some amusing stuffs with my brief critics on each.

A few interestingness from gapingvoid.

haha yah rite! What about "Lunch" or "Dinner" would mean??


well-meaning corporate schmuck.jpg

the inner fire.jpg

Wooden motorcycle think you can pick up a gal with that?

 Blog Wood Bike-1

500-lb. Potato Battery

Aww there are alot more crazy ppl out there than myself...


Anyone who graduated high school should know that potatoes can be used to generate electricity. One person, however, took that idea to the next level by stringing together 500 pounds of potatoes together, generating five volts in the process. The potato battery then powered a small audio system, which neighbors got a chance to listen to while wondering, "Am I crazy, or am I listening to Neil Diamond being powered by a bunch of spuds?" Who says battery technology is hampering mobile technology?

Bring Your Own Big Wheel Oh good lord! Don't you think they're too old for this kind of stuffs. Must have stolen their kids bikes.

And They're OffIMG_0523