CSS hacking for IE

A good reading on essentials of CSS hacking for Internet Explorer. Definitely worth reading. By: maratz.com

CSS Layout Techniques

This is an excellent reference article on different types of CSS layout designs by Damien du Toit. The article explained very well with examples on 7 layout style, namely:

  • Fixed,
  • Liquid(Fluid),
  • Resolution dependent,
  • Elastic,
  • Jello,
  • Progressive and
  • Constrained.
Layout Techniques by Damien du Toit

Which Guru Are You?

Try this short quiz and find out which Guru you are. I'm "Shaun Inman - Javascript grand poobah" You are http://www.shauninman.com Shaun Inman is the designer/developer responsible for Designologue, Mint and IFR. Originally from the Boston, Massachusetts area, he now resides in Baltimore, Maryland.

Doing Things Mayvelous Way

May PhotoLittle Mayvelous Things is a personal fun weblog of May Hnin Phyu, an amateur web developer, including the collection of interests, ideas, thoughts, opinions and latest project news. Mayvelous is a project to improve personal productivity and leisure time activity to occupy idle brain.
Whatever things interest me, I'll blog here. If you feel like leaving some comments, do go ahead. I love reading feedbacks. Thanks for stopping by.

You can also visit my main mayvelous site at www.mayvelous.com

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