Little Mayvelous Things Worth..., is worth $3,951.78

My blog is worth $3,951.78.
How much is your blog worth?

Link Via: "Nyi Lynn Seck"

Successful Blog featured Little Mayvelous Things?

Can you believe that? Cos' I can't!

My "Little mayvelous" been featured on the very "Successful-Blog" for being their reader.

Little Mayvelous Things

Little mayvelous things was featured along with some of the very cool blogs like "Joshuaink", "Blog-Blog", "Simplenomics", Acemi Blogcu", "CT Biz Blog" and "Blog review check list".

Boy I'm so proud to be part of the "Successful-Blog" readers.
I just thanks so much for their recognition. :)

3D Truck Paintings

This is some cool $hits.
Check out the images

truck1  truck2

truck3  truck4

Favorites of the day

Favorite post of the day:
Blog Review Checklist from successful-blog.

Favorite Article of the day:
One True Layout from Position is everything.

Favorite reply post of the day week:
Blog review checklist by John Oxton

You gotta read the above reply post, you must!
It's excellent one. :P

Blogger adsense preview

Anyone notice or already know about the little adsense preview and set up under template tab?
I just discovered that, :D long time no visit to template set up part.
We can now add adsense from blogger setup itself.

It's about time blogger starts implementing something cool like that.
They better add more cool stuffs or they'll lose in the competition with WP. :)

Mayvelous Down!

Man can you believe that? I just notice my mayvelous domain is down. Got hit by hurrican Wilma. CRAP! :(
This is the response I got from the support team.

Here's the problem: As many of you are aware, one of our datacenters was in the direct path of hurricane Wilma. Although the facility should be well equipped to handle such storms, there has been a serious failure within the 10MW generator plant. Onsite engineers have been unsuccessful in attempts to restore backup power and additional support is enroute. At this time, the ETA for repair is 3:30 EST.

Hopefully it's back to normal soon and no lose of data or what so ever. :(

Top 7 Tricks For Getting an Interview

I got this via lifehack. "How to write a resume" site is pointing out pretty simple and interesting tips to get yourself an interview. The tips are as follow.

  1. Use a different color paper for your resume
  2. Use a different size paper for your resume
  3. Inside contact
  4. Certified Letter
  5. Send your resume with a gift
  6. Deliver the resume in person
  7. The post-it note trick"

Tip #1 - #4 are very good ideas indeed and I think I should try that out for future interviews.
Tip #5 is pizza, donuts? Yah good to keep that in mind. :D
Tip #6, yah should do that sometime especially if you know someone in the place. Good impression by showing your face :p
Last tip...I'm not quite sure it's possible here. invite give away

Ladies and Gents,

Lend me your ears...
I have one invite to give away.
Anyone interested in having that, tell me:
# why you want it,
# what you plan to do with it,
Tell me the best short and sweet as you can and I'll give you the invite. You can leave your reasons as a comment under this post or you can mail me >> mayvelous[at] <<

This post will close on 31st Oct and will announce the invite receiver on 1st Nov.


Alien Plants?

The first pic looks very real isn't it? Make you think hah! No just an visual effect, thank god!

alien plant

"This photo-realistic anime video (more here) of slow-moving plants with tentacles, tongues, beaks and lazily blinking eyes actually made my stomach do one of those slow somersaults you get when you step on a turd. Something about these evinces a genuinely atavistic reaction, a whole-body squick. There's nothing overtly gross here, but the net effect makes me go all ooey-gooey" Link

alien plant2This is just too gross. I feel like vomiting after I seen this. I just don’t like those disgusting eye like balls.
Via: Veerle