World’s Smallest Website

It's the world's smallest site they say... 16x16px.

You can play games there. You can even have a choice to choose whether to open as html site or flash site.

Man my eyes hurt looking at it. I just totally user unfriendly.

Link: World's smallest site Via: Echo Faith

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SNAP - SNAil-based data transfer Protocol

This is something I've never thought it would ever exists.

The system called SNAP (SNAil-based data transfer Protocol(, uses biological carriers, and, for the first time, taking advantages of the unique merits of the wheel for data transfer.

System architecture: the system is constructed of a back end - a carriage, Ben-Hur movie style, which is made of a yoke made of light Balsa, and outfitted with two huge wheels - 2 DVD wheels, 4.7 Giga each. The front end, to which the carriage is harnessed consist of a Giant snail (Achatina fulica), known also as Giant African Snail (Africans are known as the world fastest runners ). These giant snail are of the GastroPod family (G-pod. We will reserve this name for transfer of music, and the name: G-mail for transfer of emails by snails SMTP –snail mobile transfer protocol )

Packets transport: Data is transported in 2 packets in parallel, 4.7 Giga each packet.

Snail Data Transfer

Results: Calculations that were conducted after the experiment, explicitly proved that in spite of the relatively, very slow, speed of the biological carriers, the Snap system succeeded in transferring data faster than any other conventional technologies, existing today.

And it actually work! You gotta be kidding me!

Link: The little snail that could - Snails are faster than ADSL
Via: BoingBoing

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Valentines Tea

I like to try this one, I've never seen any tea with flower poping up. Jasmine tea with Jasmine flower would be great. What a nice smell might it be!

Valentines Tea

A delight for both eyes and taste buds, these awe-inspiring "display teas" unfurl in water to reveal delicate flowers hidden within. Surprise your Valentine this year with flowers that are far from ordinary. Each box contains ten pieces. Available in two varieties: a Jasmine-infused green tea and a full-bodied black tea.

Ok flower or no flower, I love that cup display. :D

Link: Valentines Display Tea

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Dress up your IPod

Can you believe you can actually buy lots of costumes for your ipod? You can get underwear for your ipod, dress up as a cowboy or a pirate or vampire or a fairy or even a hula baby.
All the costumes cost around $39.99. at iAttire.

iAttire produces hand-crafted costumes for iPods and hand-crafted iPod accessories. Our products feature the finest details for your amusement.

Based in California, iAttire is fascinated by iPods and we have too many ideas for iPod accessories. What started with an amusing afternoon has turned into a long list of product requests from our customers… and now our products are available exclusively on the internet.

Pirate IPod cowboy ipod

Hula IPod Vampire Ipod

Check out the hats section too, so cute!!.

Via: Desperately Wandering

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RE: Adding Links

This is my reply to Christina's question of how to add links in the "Little-May" template. I added this as a separate post cos' can't add lots of html in comment section and this is better for whoever want to know as well. There are two main link sections in the template. The top navigations and side bar links.

To add links to top bar tabs, you have to look for

<div id="navigation">

It's in line 522 of the template. I've added 5 default tabs there as a list menu.
The following is a code for creating one tab. eg. About

<a class="menu" href="#" title="About"><b class="snazzy"><span class="boxcontent violet">About</span>
<b class="b4 violet"></b><b class="b3 violet"></b><b class="b2 violet"></b><b class="b1"></b>

You have to add your link in "#" of the above list item. eg.

To add links in your side bar, look for

<div id="sidebar">

that's where all your side links and information go.

You can add link titles using:

<h2 class="sidebar-title">Title of Link List</h2>

and the actual links using:

<li><a href="#" title="link title goes here">Link Name Goes Here</a></li>
<li><a href="#" title="link title goes here">Link Name Goes Here</a></li>
<li><a href="#" title="link title goes here">Link Name Goes Here</a></li>
<li><a href="#" title="link title goes here">Link Name Goes Here</a></li>
<li><a href="#" title="link title goes here">Link Name Goes Here</a></li>

For gallery, you need a Flickr account where you create your photosets which are used to create photo badges. You just add those generated photo badge codes in a new post and link to that post as a gallery link.

Hope this help. :)