Dress up your IPod

Can you believe you can actually buy lots of costumes for your ipod? You can get underwear for your ipod, dress up as a cowboy or a pirate or vampire or a fairy or even a hula baby.
All the costumes cost around $39.99. at iAttire.

iAttire produces hand-crafted costumes for iPods and hand-crafted iPod accessories. Our products feature the finest details for your amusement.

Based in California, iAttire is fascinated by iPods and we have too many ideas for iPod accessories. What started with an amusing afternoon has turned into a long list of product requests from our customers… and now our products are available exclusively on the internet.

Pirate IPod cowboy ipod

Hula IPod Vampire Ipod

Check out the hats section too, so cute!!.

Link: IAttire.net
Via: Desperately Wandering

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