Top 7 Tricks For Getting an Interview

I got this via lifehack. "How to write a resume" site is pointing out pretty simple and interesting tips to get yourself an interview. The tips are as follow.

  1. Use a different color paper for your resume
  2. Use a different size paper for your resume
  3. Inside contact
  4. Certified Letter
  5. Send your resume with a gift
  6. Deliver the resume in person
  7. The post-it note trick"

Tip #1 - #4 are very good ideas indeed and I think I should try that out for future interviews.
Tip #5 is pizza, donuts? Yah good to keep that in mind. :D
Tip #6, yah should do that sometime especially if you know someone in the place. Good impression by showing your face :p
Last tip...I'm not quite sure it's possible here.


NLS said...


I m the one who hate Interview so much. Is there any tricks for such a person :P

Mayvelous said...

haha bro that's too bad.
We can't hate interviews or we'll never get good job.

Tell me why you hate interviews, may be I might have some tips. ;)
I bet your interviewers are mean ugly dudes rather than sweet ladies hah? jk. :p

NLS said...


Cuz I dont want to be testified by Others. Even I cannot get any good job, I m happy in my destiny.

Mayvelous said...

hmmm from your reply I could take you as being too proud or too scare.
Indeed it's an interesting approach in life. :)