The Best Word Book Ever

Best word bookI got this, "The Best Word Book Ever", via eric meyar links I think, it's a very cute word book for kids comparing the 1963 and 1991 editions. It's very interesting how things changes over time, for eg. in this page, milkman(63) transform to taxi driver(91), cowboy(63) to scientist(91) etc.

Richard Scarry's Best Word Book Ever, 1963 vs 1991 editions (with revisions). The 1963 edition is my own, bought for me in the late 60's when I was a toddler, and read to tatters. The 1991 edition belongs to my kids today. I was so familar with the older one that I immediately started noticing a few differences, and so have catalogued 14 of the more interesting differences here in this collection.

best word book ever

You should go through all the pages and read through comments below. You'll find it pretty interesting. :)
Oh do place your mouse over the image and see that cool effect which points out the differences between two version.
Link: Best Word Book


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