Resolution for 2006

I don't normally keep new year resolution but only make mental note cos' most of the time I hardly fulfill my resolution. So why bother keep one rite? :D Anyway just reading this "How To Make Resolutions You’ll Keep" from lifehack and thought of reasonable resolution for me to keep this year.

This is a time when people make resolutions and think about the changes they plan for the year ahead. 2005 is past; 2006 is lit by a glow of anticipation. The world of blogs is replete with suggestions for suitable resolutions, notes on how best to implement them and motivational pieces to get you started.

I don't want to do keep too big stuffs, I only gonna try the followings this year:

  • To wake up early,
  • To do the laundry regularly
  • To write, read, post, work better
  • To help my mom
  • Not to fight with anyone

Ok, That's it for me and I think those I can. Oh yah HAPPY NEW YEAR 2006!