Turkey Cake

Man, can you guess what the hack is that if you don't read the title of the post?
This is the ugliest cake I've ever seen. Pretty scary too with those red M&Ms!
Kinda like some serious boils. I just lost my appetite.
What have they done to my favorite CHOCALATE CAKE!!

Turkey Cake

"place the circle on top of the bottom layer in the middle, the head on top, and the feet below the circle, as pictured. Ice as usual. Use the candy corn for the beak and feathers, red M&M's for the head and yellow and orange M&M's for the rest, and voila! You've got a great dessert to bring to your Thanksgiving feast that the kids will love."

The original recipe from "Betty Crocker", the original cake looks 80% alike turkey.
I think the damage is done by over decoration.
One M&M for the eye would be great but this is just too much!
I just hope the turkey is not having a bird flu!

The Ugliest Turkey Cake


Wendy said...

I've seen worse! Bet it tastes good... once you take off all the candy. : )