Blogger Comment Moderation

Blogger has added the comment moderation function in their interface.

"We've just introduced a frequently-asked for feature, comment moderation. By using this feature, you can approve or reject what would-be commenters are looking to post before it goes live on your blog." Via: Blog Buzz

One good thing about is, it can be done through blogger setting interface or from your very own email.
I think I prefer using email setting rather than login to blogger interface because it always take hell lotta time loading the site.

This entire process can also be done via email. If you entered an email address for moderation, you will get a message for each comment which will contain "Publish" and "Reject" links, as well as a link to the main moderation page for the blog.

More info on how to set up the comment moderation system in your blogspot blogs, check this help article on "How do I moderate comments on my blog".