Gorillaz Toys

Can you believe these ugly toys are that expensive and some people are actually buying them?

Gorillaz Toys

I like some of their music but the those toys are just too ugly for my liking.
If you feel like you must have one of those then "Kid Robot" selling them.


Wai Pyo said...

I don't even like their music *grin* their music video is quite cool though

By the way, will you continue this blogspot blog? It's like I see your blog posts here and there on your three blogs(are there more?)coz' your posts are great and I've been following everyday. Just being curious *grin*

Mayvelous said...

Ah.. that's a good question. Cos' I'm not sure myself. :D
I post in all my blogs whereever i feel like it.

# The main posts will be on mayvelous.com.
# Little mayvelous is for interesting news/links/notes.
# I write long articles on 7ven.net too. More mm related stuffs are there.
# mayvelous on wordpress.com... I'm not quite sure. Just adding daily mood and some of my silly-crazy shouts there.

Why? You wanna buy my blog if I decided not to continue here? :P