How do u post to your blog?

I'm curious how you guys post to your blog. I mean since we got flock and stuffs, do you guys still use blogger interface to post or??

For me I never (99%) use blogger interface. It's just too slow loading with my snail connection speed and also I don't like the WYSIWYG editor from there.

I prefer writing my own html code and the blogger interface is not good with raw code. Yes it does give you the option of switching from html to WYSIWYG view but once you type in html view and switch back to WYSIWYG, some of your codes get mess up and changes around. Also it breaks the lines breaks and I don't know it never turns out the way I want it to be so I hate it alot.

I also hardly use flock. Flock is just silly extra stuffs that I never need in the first place. I just tested how posting down in flock but almost same same as blogger interface so I ignored that too.

My favorite is this little firefox extension call "JustBlogIt". It has the options for most of the blog services like:

  • Blogger
  • Drupal
  • LiveJournal
  • Moveable Type
  • Radio Userland
  • Text Pattern
  • Type Pad
  • My fav WordPress
  • and even custom setting blogs

How sweet is that hah? :P If you set it up to blogger then it has an option to choose which blogspot blog you wanna post.
Also if you want to post some of the site content you browsing then you just highlight the content and right click > JustBlogIt...Voila! it's up in the box and ready to publish.
It handle the html raw code very well too. I always type with the code to keep it valid html although this blog is not valid html. I just making sure if in the future I decided to merge with one of my other valid html blogs then this shouldnt mess up other site code. yah this is how I post to my blogspot blog. For my wordpress blog I dont use "JustBlogIt" extension cos' I like wordpress interface.

How about u guys? Have you guys use some kind of firefox extension or flock or just same old blogger interface?


wai pyo said...

I use w.bloggar.
It is easy and has some nice features. Give it a try. You'll probably like it. :)

Mayvelous said...

Yah it's not bad, actually pretty good one, i just had a peek at the interfaces. Howz the speed like?
But i hate installing things on my system.
Will note it tho. Thanks.

Jules"the learn chinese mandarin fast guy" said...

wordpress is the way to go...
there are literaly hundreds of plugins and something new is coming up every 2 weeks...
I'm setting up my first wordpress blog just nowhaha I'll keep u posted on how it goes:)