PHP Fatal Error

You might notice that my "" is down with some strange php fatal error.

Check this string in google and you'll find whole lot of wordpress blogs down with the same or similar errors. Thank god I'm not alone.

Only variables can be passed by reference in /wp-includes/gettext.php

Something about new version of PHP 5.0.5 and wordpress language(localization) folder problem...

I don't care what it is, I just can't fix it yet cos' my damn host ftp is down.
Life sux!


Wai Pyo said...

Wish you get your blog up soon! You hosted your blog on DreamHost?

Mayvelous said...

It's working now. Had to sit and did abit of search on how to fix that php error and finally I got the solution. Fixed 2 files and it's back on. :D phhheeewwwwwww!

Also my sites been moved to new server. Had quite a few email exchange with the hosting support group.

You see, when I search for hosting, my first priority was to get hosting provider. I didnt have any idea for php server so I didnt think of dreamhost. Then after I signed for the .net account(which provide php as well), I started playing around with php and wordpress, so my site still sitting on windows server.

Will move to dreamhost soon. Still planning... :) The problem is, dream host does not provide .net service.
Hmm too many things to think about while choosing a host server.