Eye Movements

eye movementsI first heard of eyes movement detections in one of CSI TV shows where the detactive determined the killer cos' of his eyes looking top-left side.
In there the detactive mentioned that when you answer the question looking to the right then you're telling the truth and if looking left then something fishy going on.
And I was like, "awww" "auu" "eee" "arrrh" , I mean I was impressed. :P

Now I came across this post with proper explanation on the eye movements and thought of posting here.

Interesting notes and explains 6 eye positionings.

  • Up and to the Left Indicates: Visually Constructed Images (Vc)
  • Up and to the Right Indicates: Visually Remembered Images (Vr)
  • To the Left Indicates: Auditory Constructed (Ac)
  • To the Right Indicates: Auditory Remembered (Ar)
  • Down and to the Left Indicates: Feeling / Kinesthetic (F)
  • Down and To the Right Indicates: Internal Dialog (Ai)

Now I'm curious, how about talking with straight eyes/closing/flicking eyes behaviours?
What would you make of those?

Link: Blifaloo

"May, do you know what you're doing?"
"Yes? No? May Be? I don't know?"
"Can you repeat the question?"

And may's eyes go:
may eyes

Hehe "Ku ku!" :p