Learn How to Shuffle Cards

Ok I'm don't know how to play poker and many card games but i do know simple "Snap" and "Last Card" games. We play with friends and siblings whenever we feel like it. The bet, most of the time is pop corn or pile of boiled corn seeds.

Oh regarding the boiled corns, I got very good game on that. I'll tell you guys about it later. Now back to the card game :-D
Sometime it's very annoying to see someone shuffle the cards and flew up everywhere, esp myself do that most of the time :-D I'm terrible with shuffling cards.
So here is nice little tutorials of Learn How to Shuffle Cards - Card Shuffling Tutorial: "Tim Ryerson", on how to shuffle cards in 6 main different ways with image and video demonstrations.

I think i'll try one of those out so that next time i play card games, my friends wont complaint my shuffle :-D


Wai Pyo said...

wow...u got something ma mayvelous...
i really like this post..hee hee :D
its cool to be able to shuffle cards nicely...i'll try them for sure