Blogger Buzz: Word Up

Another of blogger plugin here.
Blogger Buzz: Word Up

"We've got this new thing. It's a free plug-in for Microsoft Word that works with Blogger. We call it Blogger for Word. Catchy? Maybe. Useful? You bet. With this little number, you can work in Word like you normally do and then save your document as a post to your Blogger blog. Once you install the plug-in and restart Word, some buttons will appear. These buttons allow you to publish, edit, and save as draft from within Word."

I don't know, dont like the idea of adding plugin to MS word as word format itself is already load with junk codes...
I think i'll just stick to my "justblogit" firefox extension.
But if you feel like checking out, go ahead, noone stopping ya.


Timothy Takemoto said...

I think that the plug removes the junk Microsoft word tags, so that the result is quite clean html.

But it also removes images. Which means it is useless to anyone but those with text only blogs.