Bullshit Deflector

Some people are too strange. Can think of silly things such as these to invent. :p
Bullshit Deflector
And...stranger people like me thought of spreading it around haha. :-D

The "Bullshit Protector" flaps are a great way to protect yourself from GOP or punditry bullshit and spin, when spewed by the likes of ...

bullshit deflector  bullshit deflector 2


NLS said...


One of my friend asked me that why we were wasting our time for making blog. Huh! funny ! isnt?
I think we are doing our works, hobby and may be crazy about it. I m trying to update everyday, but sometime cant. I appreciate you for sharing everyday.


Wai Pyo said...

ko lynnseck is right...blogging is like a habit for me now(its also a hobby)...i try to post a new entry everyday :)

Mayvelous said...

Thanks ko lynnseck and wai phyo for being such a good regular reader of my blog.
Yes we all have different idea and ways of spending our time on our hobbies and things. I dont think this is waste of time cos' I enjoy doing it and it's quite a constructive work for me.