7 Ways to Work Faster on Slow Connections

This week MS article provides nice tips on how to work faster with slow connection, especially for the kind of connection at my place.
7 Ways to Work Faster on Slow Connections

This article will show you how to increase your productivity when your connection is slow. Many of these steps are also good tips for how to increase the speed of browsing and sending and receiving e-mail.
  • Send Multiple Files Faster by Compressing Them
  • Speed Browsing by Turning Off Graphics in Internet Explorer
  • Send E-Mail Using Distribution Lists
  • Work Offline Using Cached Exchange Mode in Outlook
  • Reduce E-Mail Size With Simple E-Mail Signatures
  • Browse Offline By Saving Web Pages on Your Computer
  • Open Web Pages Faster by Increasing Your Cache

I do #1 90% of the time,
#2 never try that in IE but sometime in firefox,
#3 and #4 do not apply me cos' I hardly use outlook at home,
#5 sure, I dont even put any signature sometime
#6 not really effective cos I want to visit new sites, not just same old, same old
#7 hmmm could try.


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