Distinguishing software guy from a non-software guy

How crazy software engineers gradually become

A Non-Software guy thinks there are 1000 bytes in a kilobyte. A Software-guy is convinced that there are 1024 meters in a kilometer.

Non-Software guy : Hey.. I've just become a member of Rotract Club. Software-guy : public, private, friendly or protected?

Non-Software guy : Hey.. My submarine isn't sinking in water!! What could be wrong? Software-guy : may be you have used float instead of double in the software.

Non-Software guy : I am very very sure that the guy who just talked to me is a software engineer... PM : how do you say that? Non-Software guy : he asked my physical address instead of my home address!

Non-Software guy : Hey Bill, Can you do me a favor? Plz pass on these 10,000 dollars to John..? Software-guy : Ohh.. Sure.. Why not? Should i pass by value or by reference?

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Anonymous said...

Yeah...amusing jokes about programmers. C,C++,JAVA oriented jokes.

It's very nice to smile in very stressful day floating in caffeinated cubicle.