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darice.org * got everything: "11 things about websites Last month I wrote a post about the pitfalls of being a webdesigner During the writing I came with the idea about a guide for business owners. Obviously a 101 guide is not the logical thing so I settled on 11 things, uneven numbers have more cache also. My idea was for the 11 things guide to be short and to the point. I’m not trying to write a book or a paper. After brainstorming on and off and consulting a friend I came up with 11 strong and important points. Take note that these are my ideas based on experience and common knowledge. It was written for business owners or people who want to get a website done by a web designer. Get your copy of 11 things about websites A guide for business owners I just finished this version, no one has proof read it or checked the 11 points. So consider this more like a concept. If you have suggestions, comment or anything let me know. There is always room for improvement. 11 thing about websites A guide for business owners 1. A website is a composition consisting of fonts, colors, images and layout that match. This is all pulled together to enhance the most important element of a website, it’s content. 2. Good websites are hand coded by web designers. Using an editor like Frontpage or Publisher is a huge No No. See also point 10 3. It takes time to create quality website. Approach a web designer on time to allow for good planning. 4. Flash intros don’t improve your business. Most users will hit the ‘skip’ button right away. Flash websites don’t equal ‘easy to update’. Flash is useful for theme websites, a good example is www.jkrowling.com website of ‘Harry Potter’ author. 5. Requesting a design change after the website is done requires time. The design has to go back to the ‘design table’ and the websites re-coded. See also point 3 6. A clean coded website and good use of keywords is more effective to search engines then an expensive search engine booster. By good use of keywords meaning max 5 words. A clean coded site and good use of content is a must for a good ranking. 7. Copying a design or content from other websites without permission is against copyright. Each company has to provide its own product/service description. 8. Without content you don’t have a website. A web designer needs content to provide a fitting design and to deliver a complete website. 9. You get what you deliver. The web designer is not responsible for errors in the content delivered by the company; this is the company’s responsibility. 10. Having a non-web designer modifying the website with editors such as Frontpage or Publisher will break the design and code. With consequence that your website will not be displayed correctly in all browsers and computer platforms. 11. Know what you want before hiring a web designer. This will save you both time and money."